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M.E.G.A. Pressure Wash, LLC offers the following services in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas:



Vinyl siding gathers a lot of dust, grime, pollen, spider webs and fungi. Pressure washing is a way to prevent the accumulation of these, while also protecting the value of your home and improving your curb appeal, providing a new home feel.

Patios & Steps

A driveway constantly exposed to the sun, dirt and debris is one of the features of a house that is very difficult to maintain. Pressure washing provides a spotless driveway that improves the appearance of your house.


Fence maintenance can be frustrating because of dirt and grass accumulating on the fence from mowing the lawn, cutting leaves, and from debris.  Pressure washing revitalizes your fence, making it look like new again. 


Roof cleaning is the procedure used to remove mold & mildew, algae or lichen, fungi and moss from rooftops. The buildup that forms on the north and west parts of roofs, which are shaded or receive less sun, can damage your roof. Cleaning your roof can increase its lifespan.

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